Christoph Sollich
Pitch Doctor
Christoph is better known as “The Pitch Doctor”. After working in advertising, he got into startups in 2007. All his own startup ideas failed, but he always had great pitches.

For the last 7 years, he's helped 1800+ startups (and an ever-growing number of corporate intrapreneurs) improve the way they pitch to investors, partners, management boards etc. He's a coach for dozens of accelerators, corporate innovation labs and startup competitions around Europe, with clients such as Airbus Bizlab, Bayer Grants4Apps, hubraum (Deutsche Telekom), Daimler, Allianz, Roland Berger, etc.

Christoph is also known as the world’s only “Startup Comedian”, doing funny pitches –e.g. RydeMyPony (the "Airbnb for Ponies"), the "Berlin Pitch" (why Berlin is the best city for startups) and "2020" (the best year startup ever) – at conferences such as 4YFN, SXSW and Bits+Pretzels.

If you ever meet Christoph, and he's not wearing a brightly colored adidas jacket – it's not Christoph.