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Why “Changemakers”?

Jun 2019
We're sure you're asking yourself why we chose "CHANGEMAKERS". There is a long answer and a short answer - but we'll keep it lean and…

“Mindset is the most important place to start!” – Qatar Airways interviews Rapelang Rabana

Oct 2019
With the Malta Innovation Summit coming to an end, Qatar Airways caught up with Ms Rapelang Rabana to speak about her experience here. Ms Rapelang…

Malta Innovation Summit 2019 – Innovation x Business

Oct 2019
PRESS RELEASE, MALTA, 11th October : The main day of Malta Innovation Summit 2019 took place today 11th October at Hilton. The Summit, now in…

Malta – The Innovation Island

Aug 2019
Malta is on route to become a leading country in innovative areas, both where startups are concerned and through innovative initiatives from established companies and…

Technology Alone Will Not Crack Your Innovation Challenge

Jul 2016
Technology is great. With it we can automate, reduce costs, create new business models, generate more revenue, track our customer behavior and more. And all…