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Why “Changemakers”?

Jun 2019

We’re sure you’re asking yourself why we chose “CHANGEMAKERS”. There is a long answer and a short answer – but we’ll keep it lean and mean and go for the short answer. Since our inception in 2016 when the idea of Malta Innovation Summit was born we were asked the same question many times “What is the Malta Innovation Summit about?”. This prompted us to do some soul searching to determine one word that would capture the answer. A word that has a direct reference to business leaders who constantly push change and innovation in their businesses and in their lives : and what better word than CHANGEMAKERS to capture all this. This is why and how we chose this theme.

Every good business leader thinks about future-proofing their company. They surround themselves by an environment that inspires them into seeking new ideas on how to drive change and solve complex problems. They spend hours thinking about how and when to expand or diversify and where the next opportunity lies. They constantly adjust their plans to be able to execute while balancing all other important things in life – above all : health and family.  

And this is what the Malta Innovation Summit all about. It enables business leaders and other stakeholders not to do all this thinking alone.

At MIS2019 you can connect and collaborate with like-minded people, in similar roles, chasing similar objectives, facing similar challenges – folks you wish you had more of in your organisation and in your life. 

At MIS business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, policy makers, startup founders and researchers come together to network, learn and celebrate today’s innovators and to explore tomorrow’s possibilities in shaping and unlocking our future and that of our organisations. They come together to share innovation best practices, to boost their innovation capabilities with the aim of future-proofing their businesses and their lives. 

MIS2019 has an open, inclusive agenda where attendees participate in a full day of expert international keynotes, presentations, expert panels, workshops and masterclasses. Agenda also includes a startup pitching competition, satellite events in the days prior to the 11th October, a hackathon, dinners and other networking opportunities. 

The country hosting all this : Malta, a country en route to becoming a world leader in innovative areas, both where startups are concerned and through innovative initiatives from established companies and the government. 

So take this opportunity to fly to Malta and join us in the week of the 11th October to experience this gem in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and connect, learn and network with like-minded individuals and thought leaders who are driving the next waves of disruptive change.  

Topics discussed include digital transformation,  intrapreneurship, research, entrepreneurship, startups, design thinking, co-creating with clients, funding innovation, blockchain, crowdsourcing of ideas, social innovation and many more.

Let’s future-proof our businesses, and our lives, together.


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