Tatiana Glad
Entrepreneur, Sustainability Practitioner & Change Strategist
Tatiana Glad is an entrepreneur, sustainability practitioner and change strategist working across sectors and cultures with a focus on impact entrepreneurship, urban innovation, sustainable business and the next generation. Tatiana is co-founder and director of Impact Hub Amsterdam , chair emeritus of the global Impact Hub Association Board,and co-founder of social enterprise Waterlution . She facilitates impact enterprises to start, grow and scale and is an appointed expert to the City of Amsterdam’s Action program on Social Entrepreneurship . She is on the board of Elos Foundation and Supervisory Group of AIESEC International . With experience that spans head office of a global bank to on-the-ground micro-finance, Tatiana is always keen to explore how enterprise is a vehicle for societal change and how cities liberate the talent and entrepreneurship of its citizens. Tatiana is Canadian, based in Amsterdam.